Panel Discussion in Water & Sanitation Africa Magazine – Jan/Feb 2017

What supply security technologies do you offer?

HS QFS specialises in advanced treatment technologies like ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO), which are essential for wastewater reuse and sea water desalination applications.

Could you describe some of the technical details behind how one of your leading technologies works and why its operation is so advanced?

We supply the trademarked MEMCOR CPII UF units, which are renowned the world over for their remarkable efficiency. A treatment train incorporating these units typically involves the following: membrane filtration modules – using proven polyvinylidene fluoride homogeneous asymmetric UF hollow-fibre membranes with a nominal pore size of 0.04 μm; module housings – made from proprietary moulded nylon components, which form the pressure casing for each pair of membrane filtration modules; and a pipe, valve and instrumentation skid mounted on a steel frame. The skid is fitted with piping manifolds, valves and fittings, pneumatics, instrumentation and control components for each MemRACK connected to it, and provides interconnection points to the main system piping. A MemRACK is formed by an innovative assembly, which combines the feed, filtrate, air, and waste headers with membrane housings.

How does the MEMCOR CP II system facilitate client savings?

The new, modular, compact UF system minimises plant footprint, reduces installation costs and simplifies system operations. Moreover, the MEMCOR CP II’s system reduces the membrane array footprint by up to 50 % of previous MEMCOR membrane arrays. The modular system is designed to lower installation and operations costs and is scalable to meet a wide range of plant capacities.

Can you discuss a case study where you supplied a unique supply security solution that ensured sustainable supply or managed your client’s risk effectively?

Last year, QFS had to design, engineer, manufacture, install and commission a 3 Mℓ/d plant to facilitate supply security in the KZN tourism town of Ballito. Technologies supplied included sand filtration, RO, UF and chlorination

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