Memcor Ultrafiltration

Modular design and advanced technology utilized in many installations worldwide

The MEMCOR® CP system is a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration which simplifies design and operation, and reduces installation costs.

MEMCOR CP systems utilize the latest advancements in membrane technology. The enhanced PVDF membrane is 20-25% more permeable and translates into lower transmembrane pressure, thus using less energy and reducing ownership costs.

MEMCOR quick facts:

  • Global LP membrane supplier with more than 30 years of experience
  • Over 10 GL/d of installed capacity globally – including some of the largest installations in the world
  • Innovative processes with large patent family and protection
  • Supplier of packaged water filtration systems for small projects and Modular solutions for very large plants (> 700 ML/d)
  • Manufacturing and R&D in Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • Develops, manufactures and markets membranes and membrane products
  • Strong R&D team that continuously develops innovative products and applications
  • ISO 9001 Quality system accreditation for Manufacturing & Engineering
  • ISO 14001 accredited Environment Management System
  • OHSAS 18001 accredited Occupational Health and Safety System
  • NSF Certified for drinking water use

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