Val De Vie Private Estate, OFF GRID water solution

An off grid water solution for Val de Vie Private Estate, ensures water security for the residence for many years to come.


Project Description:  1.5 MLD Off grid water solution.  Borehole water treatment for potable use.
Process Configuration: Heavy metal precipitation and ultrafiltration
Product Water Quality: Potable Water
Year Completed: 2017


The problem:   With Day Zero fast becoming a reality the management of the Val de Vie Estate had to formulate a plan in order to address water security for its residents. It was decided that a completely off grid system will be needed to address the issue of water security and also alleviate the pressure on the greater Drakenstein infrastructure.

The solution:   In 2017, Quality Filtration Systems was awarded the contract to design, manufacture, install and run a completely off grid automated (1.5 MLD) water filtration plant for Val de Vie.

The plant was designed and manufactured as a modular, containerised system consisting of one twelve meter and one six meter shipping containers. The six meter container houses the water pumps and chemical dosing equipment. The water pumps are all in a duty/standby configuration, this built in redundancy ensures plant uptime.  The twelve meter high-cube container houses the filtration equipment, electrical cabinets and the fully automated computerised control system.

The plant is fed by eight boreholes scattered across the Val de Vie landscape and are also fully automated and controlled by our main plant. The flow, level and pressure of each borehole are closely monitored and the information is sent via microwave radio to the automation system. A complex algorithm is used to ensure that water is extracted from the ground in an efficient and responsible manner.

Quality inspections, chemical and microbial analysis by a SANAS approved laboratory on a weekly basis ensured that the water remains and exceeds all safety and quality specifications.

The outcome:

By making use of state of the art technology, proven engineering principals and excellent workmanship, Quality Filtration Systems has ensured water security for the residence of Val de Vie for many years to come.

Off grid water solution for Val de Vie Estate

Off grid water solution for Val de Vie Estate