Leeu Gamka containerized desalination plant

Containerized water treatment plant for ground water desalination

Leeu-Gamka is a small town in the Western Cape, 355 kilometres north-east of Cape Town in the Karoo.  Leeu-Gamka is also battling the severe drought.  Quality Filtration Systems (QFS) designed, manufactured and installed a containerized water treatment plant to bring relieve to their dire situation. The plug and play unit delivers 420 000 litres of drinking water per day.

The new containerized water filtration unit was placed between two existing reservoirs. Water is pumped from a bore hole into an existing reservoir. The treated water is collected in the final reservoir before distribution to the town.

The process incorporates Advanced technologies like Ultra filtration and Reverse Osmosis to purify the brackish water.  The Ultra filtration membrane is an excellent pre-treatment process for the Reverse Osmosis membrane that need to focus on the removal of dissolved solids.  The process is fully automated and remotely controlled to produce a consistent water quality.

Project Description:  Brackish water desalination @ 400 kL/day
Process Configuration: Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis
Product Water Quality: Potable Water
Year Completed: October 2017

containerized water treatment unit

Process flow chart for Leeu Gamka containerized water treatment unit