Anti Bullying Campaign

QFS has a service vehicle that is branded with our company logo and also a photo of a boy enjoying fresh water. The image was legitimately used from a photo lab by our website designer. We never knew who the boy really was or considered that his family could be locals to the Helderberg Basin.

Big was the surprise one day when the boy’s mother Beverley Davids contacted QFS to let us know that many people has contacted her to let her know that her son’s image was “alive and on the road” every day.

Beverley shared her son’s story with us. His name is Chauncey Davids. Chauncey passed away on 29 May 2014 during a tragic unsupervised science experiment at the age of 14. Chauncey lived a life worth admiring and excelled in academics and many areas of life. This unfortunately led to the fact the he was bullied at school to such a terrible extent that his parents had to take him out of school. After his tragic accident his mother started actively with an anti-bullying campaign in his honour. Beverley runs Chauncey’s Epic Anti Bullying Campaign and visits schools across South Africa to educate children about bullying and to make a difference to South Africa’s youth.

After hearing their life changing story QFS decided to get aboard by supporting the campaign financially. QFS would like to challenge other businesses to become involved in Chauncey’s Epic Anti Bullying Campaign or other local organisations that make a difference to the upbringing of our youth.